Roulette, literally translated, means “small wheel,” and is the oldest casino game played today. Roulette is simple, easy to play and exciting, with a wide variety of bets and combinations of bets, some at long odds and some at even odds. The Roulette Wheel has 36 numbers from 1 to 36, plus “0” and “00.” The numbers are alternately colored red and black with the “0” and the “00” in green.

Play begins when the players have made most of their bets by placing chips on the numbered layout. The dealer then spins the white ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel.

Bets may be placed until the dealer calls “No more bets, please.” The dealer places a marker on the winning number and bets are paid accordingly. No bets may be placed or taken from the layout until the marker is removed from the winning number.

Chips, or checks, ranging in value can be bought in stacks of 20 from the dealer. Each player determines what the checks are worth when they buy- in and are given a color. Players can make multiple bets and can use either Roulette checks or gaming chips.

Bets are placed in many different ways on the table, and on a variety of numbers for different reasons. Players may choose to change numbers every spin, play favorite numbers, etc.

Table minimums and maximums are posted at each Roulette table. Checks (chips) have no value at any other game, so it is important to cash them in before leaving.


# of ChecksSingle Numbers Payout2 Numbers Split Payout
1 Check pays3517
2 Checks pays7034
3 Checks pays10551
4 Checks pays14068
5 Checks pays17585
6 Checks pays210102
7 Checks pays245119
8 Checks pays280136
9 Checks pays315153
10 Checks pays350170


Action Numbers

The Action Numbers are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 33. These numbers are placed strategically around the wheel. This bet covers seven numbers. To play the Action Numbers, simply place your bet on the yellow betting area between the first and second sections. Table minimum is all that is required to bet here. The payoff is 4 to 1.

Neighboring Numbers

A Neighboring Numbers Wager gives you the opportunity to bet on a five number section of the Roulette Wheel. Just give the dealer five chips and specify the center number. The dealer will place the bet on the Neighboring Numbers track for you. Winning bets are moved to the corresponding number on the layout once the ball has been dropped. The payoff is 35 to 1.


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