What are Points?
What are Skagit Player-Bucks?
How do I Earn Skagit Player-Bucks?
How do I Earn Offers?
How do I know if my Rewards Card is being tracked?

How do I get Offers/Special Invites to Events?

Q: What are Points?
A: Points are earned automatically as you play slots while using your Rewards Club card. 500 points = $10. Points can be redeemed for cash at Rewards Club, or right at your slot machine.

Q: What are Skagit Player-Bucks?
A: Skagit Player-Bucks are the fastest way to comp yourself! Every time you play slots and table games with your Rewards Club Card, you’re earning Skagit Player-Bucks! $1 in Skagit Player-Bucks = $1 (USD) in amenities. Player-Bucks can be redeemed for dining rewards, hotel stays with discounts, concert tickets and more.

Q: How do I earn Skagit Player-Bucks?
A: Slot Players – Insert your Skagit Rewards Club Card in the card reader on your favorite slot machine. Once your name is displayed, you’re on your way to earning Skagit Player-Bucks. Table Players – Present your Skagit Rewards Club Card to the dealer and ask to be rated for play to start earning your Skagit Player-Bucks!

Q: How do I earn offers?
A: To earn Rewards (including Cash-Back Points, Skagit Free-Play and Skagit Player-Bucks Offers), use your Rewards Club Card every time you play our slots or table games. Your play will be tracked and evaluated for your personal offers.

Q: How do I know if my Rewards Club Card is being tracked?
A: If you’re playing any of our slots, the light on the card reader will turn from RED to GREEN and/or a personalized WELCOME greeting will be displayed. If you are having trouble getting your Rewards Club Card to be accepted, stop by the Rewards Club Center, or speak with any of our knowledgeable slot hosts. If you’re playing table games, simply hand your Rewards Club Card to the dealer.

Q: How do I get Gift Offers/special invites to Events?
A: Special invites offering free gifts are based on play. ALWAYS remember to use your Rewards Club Card anytime you are gaming.