Fall Into $100,000

Promotion Dates

  • Monday – September 9 through October 28, 2019

Virtual Kiosk

  • All Rewards Card members who earn 50 points each Monday in September and October, will receive swipe at the virtual Kiosk, earn up to 3 total each week.
    • Prizes ranging from $5 – $100,000 Guest can redeem their prizes at the Rewards Center
      • All prize $5 – $1,000 will be free play prizes and will be issued through CMP
      • Prizes of $500 or $1,000 will be paid by a Shift Manager or promotional employee.
        • Vouchers will print for these prizes only
      • Reward Rep will initial winning receipt with the players reward card number. Guest will sign receipt.
      • $100,000 prize will be paid by SCA Entertainment. Shift Manager will fill out required forms for SCA Entertainment.


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