Slot Tournament Frenzy

Promotion Dates

•Sundays – November 3 through December 29, 2019

Slot Tournament Frenzy:

Players who earn 20 points during tournament times will be eligible for one slot tournament round and can win up to $250 for each tournament round
they qualify for.

• Tournament Times: 11 am – 9 pm 

• Players can play more than one round but must earn 20 points to
   qualify for each round. 

• Players must complete their tournament round on a slot machine within
   the hour they qualified for

• If they earned 20 points at 1:15pm they must complete the
   tournament before 2 pm 

• All winners will have free play added directly to their account.

• Tournament icon will show on participating machines. Players must activate the 
   icon to complete tournament round. 


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