Stack The Deck

Stack The Deck

Promotion Dates

  • October 3, 2021 through October 23, 2021

Weekly Drawings

  • October 9, 16, 23
  • Prize Drawings 4 pm – 8 pm
  • One Hot Seat Winner Drawn and Electronic Drawing winner, one will play the game and the other will win $200 slot ticket
    • Guest will draw cards from a standard deck of cards to reveal suited cards and guest wins amount for that suited level.
      • 6 Hearts – $750 cash
      • 5 Spades – $600 cash
      • 4 Diamonds – $500 cash
      • 3 Clubs – $400 cash
    • Hot seat winners do not have to have a rewards card
  • 9 pm Grand Prize Drawing
    • Two Hot Seat Winners and two electronic drawing winners drawn will reveal suited cards from a standard deck of cards, guest wins amount revealed for suited level. Once a guest has claimed a prize for a level, play will continue until all prizes are won.
      • 6 Hearts – $5,000 cash
      • 5 Spades – $1,500 cash
      • 4 Diamonds – $1,000 cash
      • 3 Clubs – $500 slot ticket

Promotional Tickets

  • Guests earn tickets automatically on their Rewards account based on Slot play
  • Guests earn tickets October 3, 2021 through October 23, 2021
    • Receive one free entry into the promotion daily at the Rewards Counter.
      • Must be Rewards member
      • One per day
    • Weekly Grand Prize Drawings held at 9 pm. Tickets may be placed in the virtual barrel until 8:45 pm each Thursday.
  • Tickets may be redeemed until 8:30 pm on drawing days


  • Rewards Card members will have all earned entries submitted to the virtual drawing barrel automatically when they card-in within 1-hour of the next hourly drawing
  • Players must be present to win.
  • Each week the virtual barrel will be emptied after the 9 pm drawing.
  • All Prize winners must be Rewards members.
    • Exception hot seat winners do not have to have a rewards card.
  • Players may not share rewards cards. Players are only eligible to participate in promotions through tracked use of their individual rewards card which includes ticket earning and hot seat drawings.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that their card is inserted in Slot machine and that their play is being tracked.
  • A Class III employee will randomly draw an entry and announce the winner’s name.
  • If the winner has not presented themselves after one minute, their name will be announced again as a “Last Call,” and then a new name will be drawn.
  • Guest may only win once per hour, but may win more than once a day.
  • All cash winnings of $600 or more are taxable and will require a 1099 or 1042-S
  • During the grand prize drawing players may only win one prize.
  • Once activated free play will expire after 14 days
  • Participants must be 21 years of age or older and able to present proof of age upon request.
  • Failure to adhere to all rules and procedures for promotion play may result in disqualification.
  • Any participant found to be abusing the promotion rules or tampering with the promotion in any way may be disqualified and declared ineligible for any prize
  • Any disputes that may arise during this promotion will be submitted to the Shift Manager(s), whose decision will be final and binding.

Terms and Conditions

Applicants and all promotional participants agree to abide by all promotional rules and conditions as published and / or amended from time to time and shall accept as final and binding the decisions of Skagit Valley Casino Resort. Promotions shall not be open to persons under the age of 21 years. Employees of Skagit Valley Casino Resort and anyone who either resides with the employee or with whom the employee resides are NOT eligible to win cash or merchandise prizes, to include random pick drawings. In consideration of being allowed to participate in said promotions, promotional entrants and participants irrevocably authorize Skagit Valley Casino Resort to print, publish, televise or otherwise distribute and use their name, voice or likeness in any medium. Skagit Valley Casino Resort reserves the right to deny entry into promotions to any applicant at its sole discretion



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